Monday, July 7, 2008

The beginning of the planning stages.

Normally in July is when I start to prepare for when the kids are going back to school. That means all necessary Doctor and Optometrist appointments are made. Katie has to have her eyes checked yearly and usually gets a new pair of eyeglasses. Jeff on the other hand is the lucky one. He hasn't had to have his prescription changed and his astigmatism is where it has been for several years. Katie however has taken after me. Nearsighted and blind as a bat without her glasses on. It also doesn't help that both of them have Coloboma. This is a rare defect that commonly occurs with the Iris not fully forming. I would include a picture but the ones that I have found online do not represent what theirs look like. Imagine an old fashioned keyhole instead of a circle for the pupil and there you have it. It is a recessive trait that apparently I carried. They both are very sensitive to bright lights. Katie's glasses are tinted to protect her eyes.

So it is off to make those appointments and to sell some pints of blood to pay for it. When I was laid off my health insurance stopped and no way in hell could I afford Cobra. So… this should be interesting.

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