Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Walking off the fat.

I have been walking about 30 minutes a day for about 4 days now. I take Katie with me so I don't walk as fast as I normally would. I have been contemplating on whether or not to just wait for Chris to get home to take my walks.

I am not the type that really likes to walk by myself but at this point I see no other choice. Chris is not one for walks and he is always suggesting that I take the dogs with me as company. Picture a short fat woman with three dogs in tow and not going anywhere fast. I would end up coming home exhausted but not from walking. It would be from all the damn pulling back to keep the dogs from dragging my ass all over the place. Yes I know that they are not big dogs, but they can run circles around me.

I also tend to get bored when taking walks. When I was younger I would take my walkman with me and I would have no problems. Yep, I am ancient. Anyway, I have thought about looking into MP3 players. Now my son, Jeff, has one but the music he has on it is not for me. Chris also has a smaller one that might work out better for me, but then again, it has mostly country songs and that is not my style either. I admit I like some country songs but not a whole playlist. So I guess I will have to do my usual research and look into purchasing one that will benefit me and my needs.

No. I won't quit walking but this will give me an incentive to find one sooner. I tend to walk faster when I have the right music. And faster means that my heart will work harder and therefore burn those nasty calories that make my butt look like cottage cheese. Hey… I can admit that.


RJ Flamingo said...

I had to chuckle, reading this, Mindy. If you were a little closer, I'd go with you. When I used to do that sort of thing, I'd go walking at 5:00 a.m. - Too dark for anyone to see what I looked like!

I think you should take the dogs - think of the upper-arm strength you'd be building! :-)

Mindy said...

rj flamingo - Upper body strength would make me look like a fat linebacker;) haha... I like your 5am routine. That may be doable.