Saturday, July 5, 2008

The morning after

I hope every ones 4th was an enjoyable one. We did not go anywhere to see the fireworks. The weather channel forcasted Thunderstorms early evening and to continue through out the night. Needless to say they were WRONG! So.. instead we set up some lawn chairs and watched as the neighbors did their displays and the gated community across the street really put on a show. They had the mack daddy of all fireworks. The mortar kind. Never saw one police car try to enter that community. Maybe cause they couldn't get in? haha...

Earlier we enjoyed dinner with both sets of parents. Chris' parents hosted. The Salmon was wonderful. I know, not your typical grilling food for the 4th but trust me no one complained. My kids were even into it.

Chris got a call from the Mimi's Rescue on Thursday letting us know that the two kittens we are adopting were going in to be spayed that day and that we should have them either on Saturday or Monday. We originally thought that one of them was a little boy, but nope. It's a girl. Which is cool. We wanted two females to begin with. So at this point in time their names will be Belle ( Katie picked that one) and Cuddles (because it is exactly like the cat Chris had as a child that was named Cuddles) We are so original aren't we? I will have to post some picks as we take them. Belle is a Flame Point Siamese and I am not sure what the other one is but she is cute.

Oh.. I almost forgot. If you choose to go see a movie this weekend. I highly recommend Hancock. Seriously, this is a funny and touching movie. I don't think there was ever a time that I wasn't laughing or teary. It is that good. My whole family enjoyed it and it will be a movie that we will buy when it is released.

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