Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still dreaming…

Finally the ordeal with Bryn-Alan Studios is over. When I checked our account this morning, I noticed that charge was still there although no fees were posted yet. So, I called our bank once again to see if the studio released the hold yet. It had not and in fact the charge went through. The rep told me that in order not to have any fees attached on it should be resolved today on the studio's end. I called Chris and he told me he would call. He knows that I would have ripped into them.

So… he talked to the manager explained to him that although on their side they show no order, on our side it shows the full amount was charged. He calmly explained to them that we could go after them for a felony fraud charge but that we wouldn't have to go there because he knew that they would take care of it today. In a little over two hours the charge was removed and we had a positive balance again. The manager also stated that if we wished to still place the order down the road to call him directly and he would personally deal with us and of course give us a good deal. I respect that. But, I am not sure I want to take him up on his offer. Chris told me it was up to me whether or not we did it.

Today, I talked to my friend, Jen, while she drove from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio. She called me to keep her distracted on the way to see her grandmother who not only suffered a stroke but also a seizure on Monday. She is still in the hospital and if it's anything like last time in April she will be there for a few weeks. We share a lot in common. Not only we do have children by the same man, our personalities are very similar. Chris always thought that I was one of a kind until he met Jen. So as she was driving to visit her grandmother we talked about a lot of stuff. I told her how Chris and I are seriously searching for a house. It's a buyer's market at the moment so we would be really stupid not to jump at the chance. Chris' parents have expressed in the past about helping out with financing if we could not do it ourselves. Jen told me that she and John, her fiancé, purchased their house on an assumable mortgage. They just basically picked up where the owner left off. No out of pocket expenses and the owner saved her credit. Now, if only we can find something like that here. But I am not even sure how to go about finding something like that. We have found a house not to from where we are now and in the same school district that looks to be a great deal. Chris would like to set up a time for this weekend to take a walk through. He has the knowledge to inspect the property and see what repairs, if any would need to be done and approximately what the cost to do so would be. We have already looked up the property on the appraisal site for the county and we know what the market value of the home is. Compared to what they are asking for it, it would be insane not to look into. But then again it all depends on the condition of the house as well. It does have an in ground pool and Jacuzzi that is under a screened in lanai. The only thing that I am not that thrilled about is that it's tile throughout the house. That's a lot of floor scrubbing. It comes with all the appliances including the washer/dryer. We also like the fact the backyard is completely fenced in and it butts up to a canal. So it's technically considered waterfront property as well. When Chris gets home from work we are going to do a little numbers crunching and search for more homes on the site and make a list to set up for this weekend. I sure hope that we can do this though because doing all this work and only to find out later that it won't pan out will just break my heart.

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