Sunday, July 20, 2008

I finally got my ring

About two weeks ago, my mother's ring came in. Chris and Jeff ordered it back in April but because the ring was a popular style it was back ordered. Although it may not be of handcrafted jewelry quality, I still love it.

I would take a picture of it but no one can find their cables to download a picture. So I will do my best to describe to you…. Eventually I will post a picture.

  1. It is 10kt white gold – I love that!
  2. It has three hearts in a row that hold three birthstones
  3. The first birthstone is Garnett (January) which is Jeff's
  4. The second birthstone (middle) is Blue Zircon (December) which is mine
  5. The third birthstone is Rose Zircon (October) which is Katie's.
  6. One either side of the kid's birthstones it has their name scripted on it.

Originally I wanted all genuine birthstones. Namely because it would have been cool to have a patriotic theme. Red (Garnett), White (Opal for October) and blue. But Chris and Jeff both said they liked the one they got me better. I have to agree that I love it very much and Katie is happy because her favorite color is pink. So… everyone all around is happy with the ring.

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