Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just another day

I am just sitting here contemplating what exactly I want to accomplish today. I am in one of those "where is my life going" moods. No, I am not depressed just unsure. I have been jobless for a little over 4 months and I have been actively searching for jobs via newspaper and online and it is so depressing not seeing much of anything out there. And the occasional good find has over 2000 applicants fighting for the same job. Ridiculous!
I don't necessarily have to work but the extra income was nice. I am trying to find other ways to bring in income but so far it is very small. I am pretty sure that we will be looking for another place in the coming months. Our rent does not justify the dwelling we are in. Not saying that it's a downright dump but we are paying way too much. Especially since our neighbor approached us with an offer to rent their house for way less than what we are paying here.

I guess a lot of my mood is based on the fact that I don't go anywhere other than the regular grocery shopping trips, picking up my son from his summer school course and the occasional driving of my friend Kat to her doctors appointments. I feel like a recluse. No adult interaction all day so I am all up Chris' butt the moment he comes home. I want to be able to go out and do something but then I remember the price of gas and to me it is not worth it. This economy thing sucks big time.

Maybe I need to find some kind of support group. Although I don't know what kind of support I need. In September, Chris' best friend, Phil will be staying with us the whole month so I won't be lonely when he comes but I probably won't be sober either... he is a bartender by trade and lets just say he loves to drink with a partner. Chris will drink but I think they conspire to get me shitfaced. Apparently I am funny. Or vunerable not sure which! I am not an avid drinker so when I do drink it doesn't take much.

So, generally I am in a funk. Any ideas on how to snap out of it?


Kat said...

Your days are exactly like mine.
I am at home unless I have an appointment or need to go to the store.
I keep myself from going crazy by blogging, blog reading, playing sims, and getting in e-fights on forums...LOL

Mindy said...

Kat - You want a partner in crime with the e-fights? LOL
I think we need a girls night out once in a while.. Hey..once a month would be cool!