Friday, July 4, 2008

Diet Pills are all the rage.

I used to take ephedra. But, you know what? It actually worked for me. I dropped so much weight in such a short time that I could not believe it. Then people got stupid. Using it out of context and basically abusing it. So because of the stupidity of other people, our government stepped in and banned it.

After about 5 years, I started to go through the early stages of menopause. Not kidding either. I am 37 years old and I have been experiencing: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia and unfortunately memory loss. The biggest culprit of all though is gaining over 60 pounds. I am 5'2" and that is not the weight I want or need to be at.

So… I have been searching for help. Whether it is trying to walk in this fricking heat for at least 15 minutes, traveling 15 miles to my mom's community to partake in their community swimming pool or dare I say almost starving myself because, truthfully I don't consume mass quantities of food to begin with. No "magical pill" that I have found has produced what they promised and I am tired of wasting hard earned money on just a fad. Through my searches though, I came across Leptovox. Not only is this pill supposed to help you lose weight but it also states that it can improve your skin. Can a pill actually do this? Has anyone had any experience with this weight supplement? I would really like to know how it worked for them. I will not typically go out and try something unless someone has recommended it and have used it themselves. Is there anyone out there that would like to share their success story with me? I am all ears.

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