Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More than I have ever wanted to share.

but I am at a loss.
WARNING: TMI moment: I have been struggling with the fact that I am getting older. I have been dealing with menopausal symptoms since I had tubal ligation in 2001. Not saying that automatically happens to every woman but it did happen to me. For 7 years now I have been suffering. Every year another symptom pops its ugly head. This year I have been battling insomnia and an increase for wanting sex.

The insomnia alone I could probably deal with but the wanting sex on a daily basis is driving me insane. Chris would probably tell you I was always insane but whatever... Needless to say, I don't get obliged on a daily basis. I am lucky if I get it once a week. I seriously need advice on how to handle this. Chris is not a robot. He can't be demanded to get naked all the time, he works hard and has troubles of his own in the sleeping department. I can't stand the person that I have become. My mood swings all over the place. I would not want to live with me right now!

I have been to the doctors before when I noticed things were different. There are no supplements, hormones or anything else I can take because I am not full blown. My body is still making the hormones. I have tried different remedies and certain health supplements and nothing has worked. I try to not let this get me down but every night that I get turned down for sex I feel unwanted, unloved and unattractive. When I have told Chris how I feel he thinks I am reading to much into things or being too emotional. HELLO... I am a girl. We are known for that! I just don't know what to do anymore. I am lost.


Kat said...

Well it won't solve the marital aspect of this problem, but there are things you can buy to take care of that need for sexual gratification.
Ya know, about 8 inches in lentgh, shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy, and they vibrate...LOL

I honestly don't know what to tell you to do.
Maybe take some estroven, it's a natural soy supplement you can buy OTC.

Mindy said...

Kat - Yep, I HAD one of those but I broke it... :)

I am not saying our relationship is going down hill. For the most part he does pay attention to me it's just at the wrong time... Like when the kids can easily walk into a heated moment... not good. He just wants it at the most stupid times. He was grabbing me in kitchen when you and the boys were over, he'll back me up into a corner when our parents are here.. stupid crap like that.. but when everyone is asleep and things should be ok he would prefer to sleep. Damn him!!!!

Christine said...

I am going through natural menopause, and have not had this problem...yet.

But there is a cool site that you might want to check out: www.minniepauz.com. They have a lot of info, as well as support forums, where you can talk about anything.

I haven't posted there lately, but when I do, I post as catmommy9. The site might be helpful to you.

Mindy said...

Christine - Thanks for the info... I will be checking this out today! Every piece of information I can get should be able to help me right? I sure hope so!

latt├ęgirl said...

LOL @ Kat... I was thinking the exact same thing!

Mindy said...

Lattegirl - Y'know it's funny... years ago I wouldn't even consider doing things like that.
I keep telling Chris that I need a toy box.