Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time keeps on slipping...

My days seem to be running together. The weekend was here just a minute ago!
Maybe it's the fact that I am no longer working.. or maybe it's just that my hormones are so out of whack that my mind is not deciphering time. What? My memory is crap. That can be blaimed on the pre menopause. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

We finally are the proud family to Belle and Cuddles. They came on Sunday. They are a little shy and reserved but that is to be expected with kittens. Belle is the more reserved kitten. She watches to see how Cuddles will react first to see whether or not she wants to participate. They are slowly warming up and I am sure that Katie will be their primary target when it comes to the affection giving. Although I have gotten them to purr and quite loudly I might add. Jeff has taken some pictures and he will help me upload them so I can share the cuties with you.

I have been hopping around on myspace to relieve some tension from the research work I am doing for one of my classes. Needless to say that I have found two guys from years past that I never thought in a million years that I would ever speak or hear from again. It was a fluke really. One happens to be a boyfriend from when I was a sophomore in high school. He broke my heart back then, but that's what teenagers do. It's practice for the real world.
The other was a long time pen pal. I met him through my grandparents. He was the grandson to their neighbor. I had such a crush on him. We communicated by snail mail for years. All through my high school years and a year or two out of high school. He ended up getting married and needless to say that's when the communication stopped. It was always my luck.

Anyway, it was nice to see that they remembered me. And actually seemed happy to have been contacted. I have always been the type of person that I would think would be easily forgotten. I know.. I am way too hard on myself. I have communicated with them briefly and we have added each other on our friends list. It's just amazing how small of a world we live in that we can easily track people down if they have a myspace account. I am just looking forward to reminiscing old times. And in case you are wondering... Chris knows. I tell him everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. He just looked at me and said "Isn't that what myspace is for? to connect with people?" Such a smart arse!

We received Jeff's proofs back from his senior pictures and we have put together the package we want. With all that said and done it will cost us about $310.00. I don't know what mine cost way back when but I am sure it was not $310! And that was a conservative package. The top dollar one was almost $600.oo We should get them back in a few weeks. With all the money I am going to have to shell out for graduation, party, hat and gown... I better see some money fall from the sky. This is getting ridiculous... Next I will have to sell my body... no not for sex more like for experimentation. Please people get your mind out of the gutters..


Kat said...

I absolutely, flat-out refuse to buy the picture packages. Even if they have one for under $100.
Those prices are insane!
When I got my senior pics done, (20 years ago, but still) it only cost my folks around $38.00 for a medium-large size package, that included the sitting fees and 2 clothing changes.
I'll let Mark take the 1 pic for the yearbook and pay for that, but then my sis or me, will just take him down to the beach or a nice setting, and take a few pics ourselves, then take the disc to walgreens and print up our own pic package using that do it yourself machine they have.

Mindy said...

Kat: I suck at taking pictures so... that wouldn't work out for me. I would end up cutting something off. I know the prices are outrageous but they are just a glorified version of the school picture packages and those are crazy as well.