Monday, July 7, 2008

Counting down till the kittens are here.

In preparation of having two new additions to the family, and no we are not talking babies. I have had Katie clean out her room. The kittens will be bunking with in her room until they get used to the rest of the family. The dogs will be kept away from them until the kittens show that they are ready to interact with the dogs.

So.. Anyway, while Katie was going through EVERYTHING    I noticed that she has a hat for every occasion. I don't remember her collecting hats but apparently she needs them all. Because try as I might I could not get her to give up any of them. Chris told her that he would construct some kind of hat rack. I say good luck with that J

Other than the hat catastrophe, she has pretty much let go of things she hasn't laid eyes on since who knows when. She is a trooper. Now her room is kitten proof and ready. She will be their primary caretaker. Of course I will supervise the caretaking. She has been begging for a kitten for over two years. And although Chris is allergic to them, he gave in. **Can you say SUCKER?** In preparation for them Chris has been taking his allergy meds every day. He is hoping that his body will build up some kind of resistance to the kittens. Either way the kittens stay. That has been my motto for over three months now since we have been on the lookout. That means he cannot in any way go back on his word and tell Katie that they have to go. This house does not play by those rules. He told her she could have one and instead he got her two. So, he literally dug his own grave. Wouldn't you say so?

They have been fixed and we should have them in the next day or so. I will post pictures when I can.

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