Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Delivered as promised

Here we have Leo (on the left) and Baby.
As you can see, Chris is their master and they worship the ground he walks on. Chris will have these cuties out on his shoulder for awhile before I get home from work. They spend more time outside the cage than in it. I was told that on Sunday morning while I was still sleeping, mind you I was awake by 8a.m, that Chris was eating breakfast at the table and he had the birds walking around on the table and Baby stole a cheerio right out of Chris' bowl. So... he thinks they rock! Now I am not exactly sure what sex they are but we are just assuming that they are male and female. Generally the male bird is "prettier" than the female. I will laugh my ass off if they start to produce eggs in the next year.

Here we have Katie and her baby, Bear. Can you see how huge this boy is? He is the size of a small rat and typically they are not small. Of course my Katie being the ham that she is all for picture taking with her best bud. Bear is not your average hamster. He likes to cuddle and he is so content on just sitting in your lap and watch cartoons. I went to get him out of the cage and I noticed that he barely makes it through the tunnels. Poor little fellow. I think we need to find him another cage. The dogs have taken a liking to him and no I do not mean snack wise. Reese and Bentley are pretty calm around him and even Scooter just sniffs him and walks away. Hmm..

I know this may be a little difficult to see but those are the baby mice. This is only one of the three cages though. They have hair but their eyes are still not open.

You can see the mice better in this picture. They are cute and it is a shame that their lives are for one purpose only. I try not to think about the outcome. See them all huddled in the corner. And just so you know these little things are FAST and they hop too. They can't see yet but they hop.

Of course here are the troublemakers, Reese (left) and Bentley(right). They are so in need of a haircut. I have tried to do it myself but these stinkers just won't sit still. They are going in this weekend.

They were playing with the orange toy in the background before I snapped this but as soon as they noticed what I had in my hand this is what they do.

And this of course is Scooter, our Rot/Shep mix. I hate the way camera's always make her eyes all spooky like that. She is my big baby. Loves just about everyone. If she doesn't like you then there is a damn good reason for it. She is the protector of the household and her family.

The only ones I did not capture where Doc and Cody the snakes. It's kind of hard to get a good picture when they will not come out of their log and they are wrapped around each other.


latt├ęgirl said...

I am in complete awe and envy of your many animals, you freak, you!

Love the birds on Chris's shoulder and everything else. (The birds really caught my eye because I want birds, badly; my accountant has more than 40 and is willing to give me a few. But they are cage-raised and cage-bound, which is good for someone like me who has 3 cats.)

I had a terrible, fatal mishap with a beloved dove once, when I apparently left home for work and the bird cage door open. I arrived home at the end of the day to find white feathers all along the front hall. You can imagine how I felt, knowing what had happened, and realizing it had been my fault.

You guys rock! Total animal people!

Mindy said...

Lattegirl - I love animals but I loathe cleaning up after them:)