Saturday, September 22, 2007

The family is still growing....

Chris had made a trip to the pet store today to get mice to feed the snakes ( I know we have 27 baby mice but they are not big enough yet to feed to the snakes, however in the next 4-8 weeks they will be in the right range) and while he was up there he fell in love with an English Bulldog and wanted me to come back up with him to look. He told me that the store is under new ownership and that all dogs were $200.00 - $400.00 dollars off.

Chris, Katie and I went up there to look. Although I am not very fond of that type of dog I must admit she was cute. Although the price was frickin' outrageous. $3,700.00 for that puppy.

While we were there Katie wanted to look at all the animals. We saw a black bear hamster that is enormous. This hamster is the size of a small rat. Cute as hell though and very friendly. Chris was playing with the Cockatiels.

To make a long story short. We are the proud parents of Leo, Baby and Bear.
Leo and Baby are Cockatiels and Bear is our black bear hamster.

Are we done collecting? Something tells me NO:)
Tomorrow I will have a few pictures of our pride. Maybe I can get Chris to do a video.

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