Monday, September 17, 2007

Living Abroad

My friends, Alana and Phil, reside in England at the moment. Phil is currently going to college earning a bachelor degree in "gaming" and Alana has already graduated. They have been married just over a year and currently reside with her father. Phil works full time while attending classes but Alana has yet to find a job. She would like to go back to school to earn her Doctorate degree in the Literary arts.

They have been doing home improvements to make their own living area spacious and not so cramped. The home they share with her dad is not very big to begin with so doing anything they possibly can to make it more habitable for three adults is their primary focus.

They have many "projects" going right now and one of the them is to renovate the garage. I know Phil needs a place to study and to also work on his computers. Alana needs an office area to accommodate her computer and do some freelancing side work for a few magazines she is involved with.

One of the cool things they are thinking about adding on is what they call Conservatories. These remind me of what Americans call Florida rooms or Sun rooms. They sort of remind me of an internal green house the way they are constructed.

Alana's dad from what I hear is a superb chef and spends a lot of time in his kitchen. For Christmas they plan on revamping his kitchen for him. I know one of the items to be replaced is the kitchen "worktops". They have also decided to give him additional storage space in the kitchen.

I can not wait to see pictures after they are done. They do not plan on living there forever but while Phil is attending college they will be there.

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