Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I have been running

since I got out of bed this morning. Brittany did not have her class today, so she got to sleep in. That was fine with me because waiting for her I tend to be pushing the limit on getting to work in time. Teenagers are a breed all their own. I don't take Jeff to school that is on Chris' way to work so he gets that pleasure and I am sure it's not much better for Chris either.

Work is hectic, but I would rather be busy than slow any day. I have a semi short work day today and that is due to meeting with the Liaison teachers at Katie's school.

Chris and I are meeting with her 1st grade teacher, the school psychiatrist, and a few other "specialist" to go over Katie's results from the test she took over the summer. Katie has had difficulty learning, hence repeating kindergarten, so they wanted to do everything possible to get to the root of the problem early on. She is in first grade now and seems to be doing better. I 100% truly believe it's her hearing loss that has caused this poor child all this strife. So who knows we'll see at 3:30 today when we go.

Jeff has to work tonight from 6-close. He had asked for today off three weeks ago so he could go to the college seminar being held tonight. Dumbass Aunti Anne's Pretzle retards!!!! He wants to see what all the colleges have to offer and a rep from all the schools in Florida will be there. So... my mom and I will go and search it out for him.

My co worker's nephew has started his own site. He is a talented artist that is trying to take off with one of his characters. Check it out. I just wanted to leave on a happy note.


latt├ęgirl said...

I fully believe in, as you said, finding the root of the problem early on, rather than later. I was convinced my son should have been made to repeat grade 4 but the school refused, saying it would be "bad for his self-esteem."

Screw self-esteem, I thought at the time... this kid needed to go back over every single thing to learn it properly.

Years later, with this no-fail policy, he ended up repeating grade 9 math and French repeatedly (is still working at it, at the age of 18.5).

Poor lil Katie! I hope everything turns out well for her and you,too.

Mindy said...

Lattegirl - Chris and I were so worried when she had to repeat Kindergarten but the second time around allowed us to resign to the fact that she is unique and does require special attention. Katie has been put into a program where she will receive more one on one instruction in every facet of learning. I am truly grateful to the staff at her school. They actually seem to care!

latt├ęgirl said...

That is really GREAT. I hope she always gets teachers who care.