Monday, September 17, 2007

I love this man!

Mr. Fabulous is by far the best off the wall blogger I have had the honor to come across. He is the author of Pointless Drivel and Pointless Directives (his whore site for blogging for money) There is never a post written by him that does not make me laugh and on more than one occasion he has made me laugh so hard that I have actually tinkled a little!
Let me explain why I have chosen to dedicate an entire post to this crazy and wildly funny man. His blog, Pointless Drivel, has been nominated for Best Humor Blog. The awards are sponsored by PayperPost which both he and I participate in. Come this November, PayPerPost will be hosting a Postie convention in Las Vegas and at that time they will be announcing the winners from several categories. I would very much like to see my favorite of course take home the prize. So if you love me, you will at least go and check him out. If you agree with me and would like to cast your vote for him then do not hesitate to go here and submit your vote.

Here is an example of his genius and demented mind.
His humor is off the charts and you never know which direction he is going to take. He entertains with a wide area of talents. He has done several Sculpey posts which are amazing. Take for example the sculpey above. This is a title of a song. Go on guess the name. I know you can do it. He will also from time to time run contest with this idea. He offers prizes from straight cash via Paypal, goofy prizes (cologne that offer unique fragrances: Weed, playdoh etc...) and if you are really lucky he might just make a Sculpey figure of you!

He will do Vlogs (Videos) that will make you blush or spit coffee out onto your computer screen. My advice is that you never drink or eat while visiting his site.

Seriously check him out!
Mr. Fab is now holding a contest to generate more votes for the best humor blog. All you have to do is write a post to help him generate more votes. Visit here to get the details and Good Luck to all!


Mr. Fabulous said...

I...I think I love you.

Remember to stop by Friday, you qualify for the drawing :)

Mindy said...

Mr. Fab - I love you too:) Keep me laughing and I will worship the ground you walk on!