Monday, September 10, 2007

She wants everything she sees...

My daughterKatie, That is. She is turning 8 on October 19th which of course she asks me daily how many days are left until her birthday.
While I was doing my routine cleaning this weekend and updating of the Regalo Boutique site. Katie wanted to help me. So she started to look over the products I had waiting to be uploaded to the site. As she was looking through the products she came across a section that I have been working on for awhile now. "For the Family" has a section for girls and she just salivated over the "Princess collection".

It's hard to explain to her that I would love to decorate her room the way she wants to, however, she has to share her room with her sister, Brittany, that in just 8 days after Katie turns 8, will be turning 18! No way does Brittany want to have anymore pink stuff in the room
doesn't matter that they are supposed to be sharing.

There is no room for toys in the room. Katie has pretty much been pushed out of the room except for her dresser, which is getting to small to hold most of her clothes. I would hang her clothes in the closet but there is no room there either. I have resorted to utilizing my closet for Katie's toys and clothes. Now it looks like I will have to empty some of my drawers to accommodate her clothes as well.

Christmas will consist of nothing more than clothes, per Chris, because there is simply no where to put the toys that Katie wants. I am not saying it is fair but there is not much else I can do.

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