Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jeff needs a computer.

Chris and I have discussed for several months now to get Jeff his very own computer for when he goes away to college. My thinking has been that since he will be in a dorm to start off in, a regular desktop is just going to be too much for his cramped area. So we have been searching for student laptops.

Since Jeff will not be graduating until May of 2009, we have decided that this coming March will be a good time to purchase his new laptop. I want Jeff to get familiar with his laptop and by the time he does go off to college he will have no problem with it. I know Dell computers are very reliable. Several friends have recommended Dell and even the computers where Chris and I both work are Dells.

Chris and I have been going through the the different models and figuring out which ones are right for Jeff. Right now the only thing Jeff is concerned with is if he will have enough memory for any software he will need. So we will need to take that into consideration also without breaking the bank. Although we are talking about Dell laptops and they are not really that expensive and even if you finance it they have very low monthly payments. Jeff also likes that fact that some of the models come in "cool" colors. I wouldn't have expected anything less from him.

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