Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another day

Just relaxing for a little while before the teens get home from work. Only two hours left until they get home. Katie is enjoying the peace and quiet in her room playing with her toys that she got out of my closet. I feel so bad that there is no room in the girls room to store her stuff.

Chris is watching his CSI show, I usually sit and watch it with him but I have been getting headaches at night for a few nights in a row and I am wondering if watching t.v. contributes to it or not... I am sure sitting in front of a computer doesn't help either, but at least I am being productive.

I am anxious for the weekend to get here but dreading it at the same time because of all the chores that need to be done. Laundry mainly. I think I am going to request some days off here and there to just get a chance to enjoy some time to myself.

I have been searching the net for grants and scholarships that Jeff can qualify for but man I just do not know where to start. Anyone have any advice on this subject? Please let me know I would really, really, really appreciate it


Kat said...

Migraines around the same time every day? Perhaps an allergy to something you ate or drank at dinner?
I get them from certain smells, so you may want to keep track of times and consumption if nothing else is changing at dinner time ya know?

Mindy said...

Kat - could be that I am allergic to Chris? It usually starts when I am near him..hahah..:)