Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So it begins...

Yesterday until about 3:30pm I had forgotten that Katie's Brownie meeting was at 5:30. So I frantically called Chris to see if he could possibly pick Katie up from After School Care and take her to her meeting while I hurry up and make dinner for everyone. I get home from work about 4:45.

Jeff of course has to be at work at 6:00. So as soon as I get home I immediately start work on dinner. I made the easiest possible meal which everyone loves, Enchiladas.
I make it with time to spare and Jeff hurries and eats his meal and then goes to get ready for work. Chris and Brittany walk in the door and Brittany proceeds upstairs stating she is not hungry because she had a late lunch. She is the one that requested the meal in the morning. But whatever, teenagers. Chris eats his dinner and leaves to pick up Katie and take her to Brownies while I take Jeff to work.

I drop Jeff off at 10 minutes to 6 and decide to head over the the Girl Scout headquarters to wait for Katie. I get there about 6:15 and decide to call Chris while I have time to wait to see what homework Katie has to do when we get home and after she has her dinner. After our short conversation I go inside to pick up Katie and we head home. Come to find out that we have our first Brownie outing on Saturday at Oscar Shearer park for the Clean up patch. Which starts at 8am. Chris tells me that Brittany has to be at work at 8 so I can drop Brittany off a few minutes early and then go to the park with Katie.

Hmmm.. wonder what Chris will be doing? NOTHING.. except for sitting on his ass watching t.v.

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