Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dogs and diarrhea do not mix

When we first got Reese and Bentley they had a little case of diarrhea. We were told by the breeder that it is not unusual for puppies to get it after their first set of shots, similar to babies running a temp after they receive a shot.

We maintained a watchful eye on them and made sure they had access to plenty of water because I knew dehydration can occur if the diarrhea is severe enough.
Of course as they got older and explored more they were getting into everything and I am sure on more than one occasion the reason they got it was because they ate something that wasn't intended to be digested and of course their bodies way of dealing with it is diarrhea. I have often wondered if a remedy existed for dogs to help alleviate or reduce the time it takes to get rid of the diarrhea.

I came across this a product for canine diarrhea treatment and I am so willing to try it. It's all natural, pleasant taste for the dogs with a finicky pallet and it helps to keep the dog's intestinal functions regular so that they get rid of the diarrhea quicker. It also boosts their immune system. I will try anything to insure they stay healthy and live a productive life.

No one likes is when they see their pet suffer from this and of course no one including myself likes to clean up after. I have done this several times between them and Scooter, our rot/shepherd mix. The puppies also like to get into things that peek their interest and the first thing they like to do is chew on it. They chew on just about anything they can get their teeth on. I can't count the times I have found wrappers, hair ties and erasers in their stool. We have been very careful about making sure that when we throw something in the trash that it stays in the trash. Our home is once again "baby proofed" even though our youngest child is 7.

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