Saturday, September 29, 2007

And this is why I hate weekends....

I have not gotten a single thing I planned done today. I got up around 9am with the intention of starting right in on the cleaning when Chris told me that he was bored and wanted to get out of the house.
Me - Why don't you go to that Octoberfest that your mom called you about?
Him - Don't you want to go to?
Me - Nope, got shit to do.
Him - Really? What?
Me - Cleaning and laundry.
Him - Can't you do that tomorrow?
Me - *sigh* Fine, we will go do something.

It took 3 hours to plan on something because he found out that Octoberfest was being held at a meat market where the only thing going on was lunch which consisted of sausage, sauer kraut and beans for only $3.50 and a Oompa band. What the hell kind of band is that? I did not want to find out. Also Brittany took forever to get moving. If she wouldn't stay up so late talking on the phone she wouldn't be sleeping in till 11:30. My mom came over around 12:30 to learn how to put the products up on our website, which by the way, we never got around to doing.

We ended up taking my mom out to lunch at the China Buffet, visiting my dad at work on his lunch break, going into Walmart so Brittany could search for a Bluetooth for her phone and coming back home so my mom could search for jobs online and basically blowing my day to hell. We didn't even make it to the grocery store. So tomorrow will be another damn day wasted because not only will I still have the cleaning and laundry to do but also the grocery shopping. Although my mom is coming back over and she offered to help me clean. I so love my mom:)


Kat said...

I hate it when I plan out my day perfectly with all the things I need to do, and some throws a wrench in there.
Hope you get it all done tomorrow. :)

Mindy said...

I know I will get it done.. it's just the matter of how long it will take me. I will be so exhausted by the end of the day I will go to work on Monday feeling like I need a weeks worth of rest.

Humincat said...

Yep. That sounds like my "every weekend" or close to it.