Friday, September 28, 2007

I have no life....

seriously. I work from 8am to 4:30pm. Which means I usually get out of bed around 6:45 sometimes I will drag my ass out of bed at 6:15. It all depends on whether I got sleep the night before.

Jeff usually takes a bus from school to my work, provided that he is not babysitting. After work I will pick up both the girls. Britt gets picked up at Grandma's and Katie gets picked up from after school care. Then it's off to home to cook dinner. Occasionally I will get a reprieve from making dinner if Chris feels up to cooking. Normally I will get on the computer after dinner since I do not do the dishes. This is why having kids is a perk:). On Fridays as you can see I will post on my blog, spend time at my favorites blogs or watch a night of t.v. with Chris. Chris has now taken to attend "safety meetings" with colleagues after work. This consists of hanging out at their favorite bar and "chat" about work. It's cool that he gets out. I on the other hand have to ponder what needs to be done this weekend because I know no fun for me is in store.

The highlight of my Saturday so far will be to teach my mom how to input items onto our Regalo Boutique site. She is begging for stuff to do so she can get out of the house. I so know that feeling:) and of course laundry. While laundry always flow into Sunday. I get started on it early enough but I always end up finishing it the next day. That's probably because I get interrupted like a million times to other things. One day a month I would like to be completely alone and allowed to just slum that day off. I would love to be able to read an entire book in one day. That is my bliss.

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latt├ęgirl said...

You seriously have to book some "me" time and stick to it. Friday nights just isn't enough. Thank goodness your mom helps out, though.