Friday, November 12, 2010

Assualted by a Psycho!

I had a real upsetting morning.  Not even 10:30 yet and I want this day to be over.  I get to my first cleaning job of the day at 6:00 a.m. I clean the clubhouse at the condo association that early because they have women that come in at 8:00 to do their aerobic workouts and then they will then get into the pool for more aquatic workouts.  By the time I am finished cleaning there, I usually pop into the office to make an appearance and go over any issues and then I start at one of the midrises and take care of trash and wipe down the laundry rooms.  Wednesdays and Fridays is the "light" cleaning for the complex. Monday is the thorough cleaning. 

Needless to say, I won't be needing the best fat burner after the ordeal that I went through because when I am this upset, I don't eat. 

While I was in one of the midrises.  One of the residents, an older woman, had asked me to clean her furniture that was in the corridor.  I politely told her that because it is not the common area furniture, therefore is not under the contract that I hold with the Condo Association.
She was not happy and she started to yell at me!  I tried to explain to her that my liability insurance would not cover any damage done to her furniture and therefore I will not touch her furniture.  She then accused me of moving her furniture yesterday to clean the window behind it. I told her that is was impossible for me to do since I am not there on Thursdays.  I also have been instructed by the managing office to not bother with the window because of her furniture being in the way.  Apparently she thought I was calling her a liar because she grabbed me by the shoulder and started to shake me. 

I blew up on her.  I was shouting at her to take her hands off of me or I would call the police.  An older man came to my rescue, apparently this woman feuds with everyone on her floor,  he yanked her off of me and started to scream at her.  The older man's wife made me sit in their unit to calm down and  she had already called the office.   I thought that was it... I figured they would end my contract because I lost it.  I tried so hard not to shed one single tear, I failed miserably. 

The General Manager came immediately.  He called the police before he left the office by the way, because within minutes they were there also.  My heart was racing so fast that I could not breathe.   Before I could even get a chance to speak, the General Manager, had informed the crazy old woman that he had one of his maintenance men move her furniture to clean the window yesterday and before he could finish the sentence, the woman slapped him hard and called him a liar.  When the police tried to handcuff her she kicked one and tried to bite the other.  I could not believe it.  

After the police put her in one of their squad cars, they came back to take statements.  Apparently she is going to be charged with four counts of aggravated assault with two being against the police officers and resisting arrest.  The General Manager told me that I did everything right and not to worry about defending myself ever again in that kind of situation.  Apparently she has been a thorn in their sides for many, many years.  The older couple that came to my rescue will be filing a grievance to have the woman evicted from the premises. I was told that she has been there for 19 years but the majority of them have been awful.  The General Manager told me that she was borderline psycho and this was the last straw.  I felt better when it was over but I was still shaking and rattled.  I came home after all the other midrises were finished but I was on pins and needles until I left the property. 

Normally I would go on to my residential clients but both of them are out of town.  So this was supposed to be an easier day for me.  There was nothing easy about it at all.

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jen said...

Some people are unreal, and rude. My jaw is still on the ground! Just thankful your ok.