Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'd rather use Saran Wrap

Jeff's boss, who happened to be a friend, and co-worker when we worked for the plumbing company together, would laugh at a lot of things in the office.  One of the favorite topics of our mundane day was different ways to lose weight.  We both have had weight issues ( little did I know then that mine was stemming from the tumor growing in my neck) and she went ahead and tried the nutri - system plan.  On top of that she would go to this spa/weight loss place to try the slimming wrap technique.

When she told me how they would wrap you up and let you sweat for a period of time, I just about lost it.  It took me back to my high school years when I thought my body needed to lose a few extra pounds and one of my friends told me to wrap Saran Wrap around my "problem areas".  Imagine how someone took that simple technique, which by the way, did not work and start a business to con overweight women into shelling out money to make you think you were losing weight.  Yes, the inches would decrease (because of your body losing water) but in an hour or so after being wrapped up you would spring back. She paid close to $60.00 dollars to have a sophisticated wrap put on her when she could have bought a few tubes of Saran Wrap.  When she realized that I had a point she just gave me this blank expression that made me laugh even harder.  If I knew that it was an sure fire way of losing weight, I would have been right along side of her getting wrapped myself.  I am a skeptic by nature, so in order for me to believe in a product. I would have to see the results on someone else that I trusted first. 

The nutri- system plan worked for her, but was utterly too expensive for me to justify spending that kind of money on pre-packaged foods, and on top of that you still had to buy fruits and vegetables to go with your meals.  She would spend about $600.00 a month just on herself.  Crap, I could feed my whole family for a month for that amount of money.  I just don't know why companies have to charge out the butt for programs like this. 

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