Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wait.. Christmas is how many days away?

Ok... Christmas is just around the corner and of course Thanksgiving is just weeks away.  Have I completed all my Christmas shopping? That would be a BIG. FAT. NO.  I am also not one for waking up at the butt crack of dawn on the morning after Thanksgiving to try and get the best deals on items that my kids really don't frickin need.  Hey, I love my kids but lets face it, times are tough, the economy stinks and I work hard just to be able to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. 

No, I am not going to be a Scrooge this Christmas, just a little more practical. My kids have each requested one major gift and we will do our very best to fulfill their wish.  But lets face it, what they want, requires more dough than I want to shell out to be honest.  I have been scanning for deals online.  Maybe I will get lucky and find the perfect cyber Monday present rather than having to go out on the dreaded Black Friday.  I don't know how people do that anyway.  I mean, having to fight tooth and nail just to get into the store let alone racing to the isle that has the ONE gift you are looking for only to get there and you were seconds too late.  I have many family members that are die hard Black Friday shoppers.  Yes, they may get great deals but rarely have they gotten what they went to the store in first place for.  Besides, I like my beauty sleep.

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jen said...

I bought a few things on-line last year and save a few bucks. Didn't have to deal with crowds, and parking, and long lines at check-out. Thumbs up.