Thursday, November 4, 2010

My life is drama free, for the moment anyway.

 Chris had no choice but to kick Robbie out today.

It was a storm that has been brewing for several months now actually.   It all stems from an incident that landed Robbie in court at the beginning of October. I won't go into the actual details but we know that he will have to serve at least one year of  probation and his license will be suspended for a minimum of two years.

Chris had three rules to abide by while living under our roof.
1. No trouble with the law. 
2. No stealing.
3. No hanky panky between him and Britt under our roof.  For the record, Britt lives with Chris' parents.  She would never abide by our rules.

Needless to say he broke two of those rules that we know of.    When we found out about the court incident, Chris informed Robbie that he needed to find another place to stay.  He had to be out before his next court date because we did not want to be burdened with keeping him while on probation.  It is very difficult to get permission to move while on probation and it has to be approved by the courts.  We did not want to take the chance of him not being able to move.

Allowing him to stay with us was only a temporary agreement in the first place, and it was to help him get back on his feet so that he could get out on his own. It has been seven months.  We never intended for him to mooch off us forever.  We did have him pay $100.00 a month to help with utilities and he was on food stamps so that helped with keeping him fed.  Other than his car insurance and his cell phone bill he had no other responsibilities.  We found out that his boss at his primary job had offered a room in her house for $300.00 a month but he kept insisting that he could find an efficiency apartment cheaper.  Well he not only screwed himself out of a place to live but also out of a job because of the shenanigans that he and Britt pulled on Tuesday night. 

Robbie was scheduled to work in the evening.  He badgered Jeff to take his shift because apparently the 6-10p.m. shift is harder to fill than the 4-8p.m. shift.  He claimed that he was not feeling well.  Right after he got off the phone with their boss, he walked out the door and left.  We had absolutely no idea that he and Britt went back to his home 2 hours away because "their friend was rushed to the hospital because of his diabetes". Chris and I both know that was bullshit.  The icing on the cake was that he pulled a no call/no show for work on Wednesday.  Jeff got a call from their boss asking if he could come in because of Robbie.  Jeff would normally go in to help out but yesterday he and his girlfriend were at church.  I got a call from their boss this morning letting me know that she had to fire Robbie and that the offer to move into her home was off the table.  Y'see the boss and I are friends and I went to bat for Robbie to get the job in the first place and I feel like a heel for even doing that. It won't affect our friendship but I feel horrible anyway.

Robbie never came home until after midnight on Wednesday and left before I got up for work.  He had a court date this morning.  After receiving the call from my friend and  me having to inform Chris that he lost his job and a place to stay, Chris made his decision and went out and bought all new door locks.  When Britt and Robbie showed up at the house, Chris reminded him of the rules and that breaking not only one of them but two is official grounds for getting kicked out.  Chris let Robbie know that he knows that he has been stealing and Robbie did not deny it.  He acted like he didn't care at all.

Robbie did complain about having to go back to his family because he wouldn't have a place here, but Chris told him that the Salvation Army has a program for single men and yes, it would be like living in an institution but it would be the best thing for him because they would help him. He would have to swallow his pride and fly right but the program was there.  He decided to move back to his family. So much for that. I have no clue what consequences he will face for leaving the county.  I don't believe they will allow him to move his probation to his hometown but I am not sure.

 Britt on the other hand is fuming mad at her dad. She won't speak to him and she had her grandma inform me that she will not need a ride to school tomorrow. She prefers to be far away as possible from her dad.  I feel bad for Chris but he knew that Britt would be mad but he did what he felt was the right thing to do for our household.  

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