Thursday, November 4, 2010

The clock is ticking...

Chris' best friend, Phil, has been living with us since the end of August. He came over from Europe first to pave the way for his wife, Alana and their son, Drake. The goal was to secure a job and buy a vehicle.  He is now looking for that family car. His wife and son will be arriving from Scotland on Tuesday.  All three of them will then shack up with her best friend in North Port.  Although I would have loved to have all three of them here with us, Phil didn't want to impose on us any longer, besides, Alana's best friend has a daughter that is eighteen months old and her own house.  The living situation would be a lot better for them. All I would have to offer is the family room pull out sofa.  Not the best environment for a baby. 

They are hoping to find a house in Sarasota within the next six months.  Phil has a great job bartending and Alana has a degree in Event Planning.  At her last job, she was head of the Event Planning division at one of the high end hotels in London.  She is hoping to start her own wedding and/or event planning business within the the next few years.  Right now she is concentrating on her son, Drake, who will be turning one on Thanksgiving.  She was the bread winner in London, now it is Phil's turn to bring in the dough. He constantly jokes about being fine with the Mr. Mom role but Alana is not playing that game.

Phil and Alana talk daily via the computer.  Today he was teasing her about coming to work for me. She knows that I know that she would never clean for a living. She kids me all the time about doing the manual labor and women should be pampered and not to be coming home all sweaty.  She really means it for herself but she understands my position.  She is a little on the quirky side but for the most part we get along.

Phil did make a comment about her getting a degree from a massage therapy program online because she loves going to the spa and getting pampered all the time. He told her since she knows the ins and outs of the spa life that she would fit right in as the one giving the treatment and not receiving it.  The look she gave him was priceless. 

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