Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shopping with a mission.

It's time to print the online coupons and go grocery shopping.  Growing up, one of my chores was to clip the coupons from the Sunday newspaper.  My parents would involve my sisters and I in planning the menu for the coming weeks dinners and such.  It is a lot more efficient to plan ahead than to go to the store all willy nilly with no direction or plan.  Cost a lot more to not have a plan, that's for sure!

For the last year or so I have scanned the Sunday paper here for realistic coupons.  Realistic meaning, that I would actually use them, but out of all the coupons I would only find an average of two that I would actually use.  The coupons in the newspaper have dwindled down to barely enough food products but have doubled in the crap you would never buy in the first place.  If you are listening food manufacturers, we need MORE food coupons.  Support the people that pay your bills and cut us a break would you?

I scout everywhere for deals.  Chris actually takes the time at the grocery store to read the price per unit to make sure we are getting the best possible deal.  In this tough economy you have to do anything to save money but also get your moneys worth. Which is a hard thing to do. Prices may have dropped on certain products but the quantity has also gone down.  I have gone to many blogs and sites that deal directly with saving.  Some work and others don't, it's time consuming to do so but when you are faced with a limited income, you have no other choice. 

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