Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not wanting to go through this again...

It has taken years to find the best acne treatment for Jeff.  Mainly because his acne was more of an hormonal unbalance than the typical teenage break outs. 

Katie on the other hand has fairly good skin.  She is only eleven and will have one or two little zits but I have gotten her started on taking care of her skin very quickly.  She uses a mild soap and occasionally will use benzoyl peroxide pads.  Fingers crossed that she will not have Jeff's skin condition.  Boys seem  to handle problem skin way better than girls. 

As much of a drama queen that Katie is, I really do not want to have to go through problem skin with her.  She doesn't need another low esteem agent in her life.  She has enough already. Which we are working on to correct her self image.  It is just taking time.  I am hoping by the time she reaches her teens she will have a different outlook on herself.

I have no clue where in the family tree that was handed down to him from, but I do not wish it on any child.  I never had that kind of a problem as a teen or an adult.  Yes, I still break out from time to time but it is manageable.  To be honest it happens once a month but they get less and less not that my old butt is already going through the "change".  Ok... pre-change but still its there reminding me that in not so many years I will officially be over the hill. 

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jen said...

It is so hard when the are so focused on what is on the outside.... Hope it works especially since she is a girl.