Friday, November 5, 2010

My Honey Do List keeps getting bigger.

Not only are we in the middle of painting our house, but we are also doing some work on the inside as well.  This house is very old and needs a lot of attention.  We started out by painting all the rooms when we moved in.  Chris had to replace the kitchen faucet because it was old, wobbly and wouldn't stop dripping.  The most recent addition was a new water saver toilet.  It had to be done.  The old one was cracked and leaking. Also it was well over a six gallon tank.  So yeah, out of date too.

I have created a list of things that should be done and in what order of priority they fall.

1. Install a new a/c unit in the living room.  - It gets the heat from the setting sun and it is real hot at the end of the day.  Not good for all our electronics.  Maybe now that the weather will start to get cooler. We might put if off until after the first of the year. The prices should be cheaper too.
2. Install bathroom fans.  - Not having any ventilation in the bathroom makes it uncomfortable walking in when someone has been occupying it for over 20 minutes (if you know what I mean).
3. Put down laminate flooring in the living room.  When we first moved in they had carpeting which stank to high heaven because it was stained and mildewy. Turns out that the wall leaked when it would rain hard. Chris has already repaired and patched the wall so no more leaks but the floor is now just a concrete slab so yeah, definitely need to lay something down.
4. Install a garbage disposal.  Although we scrape our plates, with all the animals we have it is just a temptation for one of them to try and get into the garbage. 
5. Retro fit a dishwasher into a limited space kitchen.  Chris would eventually love to redo the kitchen.  I have no problem with that because as it stands now my kitchen is three rooms in one.  Kitchen, dining room and my office.  Would like to have boundaries.

You may think that all this will cost and arm and a leg, but with the Habitat for Humanity store right downtown, it won't even cost a fraction of what others would pay.  They have everything you would need for any home project and all the proceeds go into building their next house.  They have brand new appliances, doors, roofing material etc.. and also gently used items.  All items are donated. 

Chris has taken me there a few times.  We have gotten new interior doors and a stand alone pantry.  They also have complete room furniture.  When I am ready to upgrade my dining room table we are going there. It is far better than any thrift store. 

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jen said...

We have just found a Habitat for Humanity near us call Restore, it is wonderfully priced. Hope you get some R&R with all these home repairs:)