Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have had it....

This is day 4 of Britt avoiding her responsibilities and going back to her boyfriends because she is pissed at her dad .  She won't answer her phone but she did text her grandfather on Saturday stating that she is still angry.  Really? You want to see angry?  Come see me.. I dare you!

She has nothing to be angry about.  Well, not entirely true, if she has to be angry with anyone it should be her boyfriend, not her family.  Meanwhile, everyone is letting her stew and "calm down."

 WTF?!  Let her calm down?  How about not letting her act like a spoiled rotten child
She may be 21 but she  is far from those years maturity wise. 
What about the fact the she may too also not have a job waiting for her to "calm down"?
How about the fact that she may not have the money to make her next car payment? The car that her grandparents co-signed for and have no means of making the payments for her. I guess that means that I will have to pick that up too?! If so, the car is fucking mine! 
Here's the kicker.  How about her having blown her chances at school.  You are only allowed to miss three days in a semester. She has missed 8.  I don't know what bullshit she fed her professors but I am sure that she may have reached her limit with them.  She lies so much even she believes half the shit that comes out of her mouth .
She hasn't been to school since Tuesday.  She hasn't been to work since Wednesday. 

Maybe she should get herself a finance job to see what real responsibility is.  Because so far,  she has no clue.  She will go on a spending spree and then when it comes time to pay her car insurance she is flat broke. She thinks if she acts all sorrowful and "promises" to do better next time is going to get her out of hot water with me, I hope she is ready to get real pissed, because I. AM. DONE. 

When Chris kicked her boyfriend out of our home, we didn't fire him from his employment with me.  We figured he would suck up his pride and go to the Salvation Army. Hell, we even told him to do just that. Sure he would probably hate it there (not my problem.. don't fucking care) but they do work with people to get their lives back on track.  Something he definitely needs.  Instead he chose the easy way out and went back home where there are NO JOBS!  With no regards to his employment with me he upped and left.  I did get a text later that evening stating he would no longer be working for me.  How absolutely fucking nice of him.  If it weren't for my own mother willing to help me out for the one day, I would be pulling almost 12 hours myself. 

I am done.  I don't care what the rest of the family does. 

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