Thursday, November 4, 2010

There has got to be a way.. I just know it.

I know that I have been ranting and complaining about my weight, but hey, I have the right to do so here.  I have not found a sure fire way of losing weight yet.  I am not looking for the fastest way to lose weight because those "diets" really don't work and you end up putting more back on than you lost.  What I want is a sure fire way of losing the weight and is easily managed with my hectic schedule. 

I have hypothyroidism, and it is really dragging me down.  I was diagnosed shortly after my last visit to the Moffit Cancer Center.  Thanks to the Quasimodo size tumor they took out which in fact contributed to the thyroid disease. I don't have health insurance (because it is simply unaffordable) and I can't afford to pay out of pocket for the prescriptions.  So I am hoping to find an alternative way to treat and deal with this. 

I clean for a living and you would think that would be a work out all on its own.  I watch what I eat and I don't mean that I watch as I eat either.  I try and stay as active as I can even though my energy levels are almost non existent, I force myself to do things.  Painting the house last weekend almost killed me but I did it. I am always wanting to take walks but I only get so far and I am ready for a nap.  It kills me that I am constantly feeling this way.  I have never, ever been this heavy and I would be so flippin joyful if I could manage to lose 50 pounds.  I just don't know how to jump start my metabolism on my own. 


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jen said...

I go up and down on my weight also. It is not easy to maintain weight in this hectic life. Even eating healthy can cost an ARM and LEG at grocery store!